"Social Investment Community" Token

The Ape Fund is a private investment community for crypto investors to come together and collaborate on investment decisions as a DAO.  Get Access with the $AFND token

Token: 0x7BE236a96e53dc7B1069f0212CB77d33aD8CBacF

What is The Ape Fund?

Community Driven

A strong community of crypto investors that come from various backgrounds. Tokens will be proposed, discussed, reviewed and voted on.

Vested Interest

Everyone in the community is invested in the community's success, and gets to participate in the upside the value the community creates.

Unique Insight

Shark Tank style pitches from Token Founders for the Community to get more insight.

How it Works

Join the Ape Fund Community

Hold at least 10,000 $AFND tokens to get access to the private community on the Ape Fund Discord server, and be fully part of the DAO.

Connect, Discuss & Learn

Discover interesting projects that other people are talking about and connect with other experience crypto investors. No more needing to research projects by yourself.

Invest as a Community

Members can propose interesting projects, and the community will research, and vote on the opportunity. If the vote yields a positive consensus, we will Invest into the project.

As Seen In


Apefund V2 Tokenomics are designed to provide a self sustained project. Each transaction, Buy or Sell, will be subject to a transaction fee which is distributed as follows:

Buys 5%

Sells 15%


Set slippage to 7% for buys and 17% for sells

ApeFund Investment Wallet

Current Holding:

Coming soon


Q1 2023

Website and socials
Presale/ Launch

Q2 2023

Building membership
Form partnerships
Apefund weekly podcast

Q3 2023

Multichain Investing
Apefund Merch

Q4 2023

Doxing and kyc service
100m MC celebration


Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the total supply of the $AFND Token, there is a maximum of 100,000,000 $AFND tokens. To join and be a member of the Ape Fund, members must hold on to at least 10,000 $AFND Tokens in their wallet.

The beauty of the Ape Fund is that it is a truly COMMUNITY DRIVEN project. Community voting will be conducted as often as needed.

The initial target is to conduct votes once per week.

Interested in getting your Project & Token in front of the Ape Fund Community? 

Simply submit your pitch by Email to: Apefundv2@gmail.com

No! We invest in most ERC-20 Tokens Available on DEX’s and CEX’s.

Yes! We have been audited by CyberScope. 

You can find the full report here: https://www.cyberscope.io/

Potential BUSD Income from Holding ApeFund Tokens

Investment Wallet: 4.5%

4.5% of all transactions are sent to the investment wallet. The investment wallet is used to invest in the tokens and projects the community votes on. Profits from the purchases are used to buyback and burn ApeFund tokens.

Rewards: 0.5%

0.5% of all transactions are set aside to reward our community members. Rewards are given to our most engaging community members, and top holders.

OpEx & Marketing: 3%

3% goes to our Operational Expense and Marketing Fund to keep the Ape Fund fully operational.

Auto-Liquidity: 2%

2% of all transactions is locked into the Liquidity Pool to keep it steadily growing. Once added to the Liquidity Pool, the LP tokens are automatically burned.